What is Dry Needling

Dry Needling uses very small, filiform needles to create a small lesion in dysfunctional or injured tissues.


This lesion encourages the body to heal itself by promoting blood flow which increase oxygen and nutrients to the area. It also reduces the stiffness of the tissue increasing range of motion.


The needles are so small that you rarely feel them. It is often described as a tiny pinch or pressure. Twitching and aching can occur.


In addition to an injury treatment. Dry needling can be used for recovery and performance.

Dry Needling

Not just for injuries

Although it complements chiropractic treatment well, dry needling also stands out as an exceptional standalone service for routine maintenance and enhancing performance.
  • Relief of low back or neck stiffness
  • Reducing general muscle tension
  • Improving mobility
  • Pain control and reduction
  • Stress management


Effective treatments range from 5-30 minutes


Most find it more comfortable than other sof tissue techniques


You'll be surprised at the progress that can be made in a single session.