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Back Pain During Pregancy and Chiropractic

Pregnancy and Back Pain

Are you pregnant and experiencing back pain? Back pain is extremely common in pregnancy and occurs in about 50-70% of pregnant women. It most commonly occurs during the later stages (late second to third trimester) but can occur during any part of pregnancy. This can be increasingly frustrating as the pain interrupts your daily living.

What causes back pain during pregnancy? There are many factors contributing to the cause of back pain in pregnant women. Those who are most likely to suffer from back pain are those who are overweight or had pain prior to pregnancy. If you had pain during a previous pregnancy you are also more likely to experience pain during subsequent pregnancies.

Here’s a list of reasons why one may be experiencing back pain in pregnancy:

  • Hormones: There are a number of changes occurring in the body due to hormones. The hormone most responsible for back pain is called relaxin. It allows
    the ligaments in the back to soften and relax to allow for the birthing process. This can affect how your back supports the rest of your body.
  • Center of gravity: As the baby grows your center of gravity moves forward, changing your posture and placing more pressure on the spine.pregnancy back pain chiropractic
  • Weight: The increase in weight the body experiences due to a developing baby can create additional stress that the body may not be prepared for.

What not to do during pregnancy to prevent back pain

  • Poor lifting technique
  • Avoid high-heels and other shoes without good support

What to do during pregnancy to prevent back pain

  • Exercise: It is important to stay active with moderate exercise, like brisk walking, to maintain a healthy and normal pregnancy. Talk to your doctor early on to make sure your exercise is appropriate
  • Support belt, ie a “belly band”, may be helpful
  • Chiropractic adjustments

What can be done to treat back pain?

  • Ice or heat may be helpful for the low back in short spurts. It is important not to put heat directly on the belly.
  • Straps or braces may be helpful to provide support
  • Chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy
  • Prenatal yoga can help strengthen muscles needed for a baby to grow. It can also help strengthen the core.

If you experience any of the following at any time during your pregnancy you should contact your health care provider:

  • Severe and debilitating back pain
  • Increasing severity and abrupt onset

If you are experiencing back pain during pregnancy and are looking for some relief to help get you back to your daily routine give us a call at 515-500-6551 to schedule an appointment, or visit our website at to find out if we are the right fit for you.

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